O'Douds - Matte Paste, 114g



Possible Styles:
Smell Like:

NOTE: There may be natural cracks and bubbles on the surface of the product. Don't kan cheong, this is the nature of a natural handmade product. Let nature take its course.

After years of requests for a matte hair product, the O'douds Matte Paste has finally arrived. 
Trust us, it was worth the wait. Easily achieve natural, voluminous, and textured hair styles that stay locked in place all day. Use on slightly damp hair for tight, clean, textured styles, or on dry hair for maximum volume and matte finish. Use a blow dryer for even more volume and texture. Natural waxes, clays, and oils provide a strong, malleable hold that will leave your hair strong and healthy.


- High hold
- Matte finish styling cream
- For natural, voluminous and textured styles
- Water soluble
- Cedar Citrus scent 


- Starting with a small scoop, soften paste by rubbing it between your palms 
- Distribute the paste evenly through your hair, making sure to apply from all directions to get closer to the roots
- Sculpt hair to desired style
- Add more product as you need it
- For more height, after washing your hair, use a round brush to blow dry hair upwards before styling