The perfect pair

Introducing The Face Scrubber & Ace Set. Designed with gentle 100% silicone bristles, The Face Scrubber provides optimal exfoliation that will leave your skin feeling and looking better than ever. While The Ace Holder keeps your scrubber clean, hygienic and secure when not in use. Make efficient use of precious bathroom space by attaching it to any smooth surface thanks to our patent silicone grip technology. 

  • Face Scrubber 6 x 5 cm, The Ace 7 x 5 cm.
  • Grips strong to shiny surfaces.
  • No adhesives, no suction cups.
  • Reusable + Eco-Friendly.


✔ Glass / Perspex, ✔ Mirror, ✔ Shiny Tiles, ✔ Shiny Marble, ✔ Shiny Fibreglass, ✔ Gloss Finished Metal (Fridge) ✘ Wood, ✘ Unglazed Tiles, ✘ Concrete, ✘ Prefabricated Fibreglass, ✘ Fibreboard / Plasterboard, ✘ Textured / Uneven Tiles, ✘ Mosaic Tiles