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Two Girls - Florida Water

Two Girls - Florida Water

Two Girls

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Made in HK 


Florida water. A familiar scent in our Lion City but you will never know what it is or where you've seen it unless your grandpa is still alive and kicking and using it on dates with your grandma.
A popular cologne used about 200 years ago by both men and women, but is now only sold at medicinal halls, museums and Chinatown. 

Its magical properties includes soothing motion sickness, dispeling heat from the afternoon sun, mosquito repellent, heal insect bites, air freshener, relaxes the mind, calms the nerves, refreshes the mind, deodoriser, to cleanse your bodily temple, clean alters, protect your spiritual body and of course, an aftershave.

A confusing but pleasant product with mulitple uses and identities, which we use at the barber shop on our customers.


Translated directly from a mandarin label, without the help of google translate:

With more than a 100 years of history, the Florida water has many uses.

Made from refined vegetable essense and that produces a curative effect which can make you glow with health. Specially formulated Lavender oil, cinnamon and clove to resist harmful substances effectively. Apply onto your skin directly to soothe discomfort and feel cool and refreshed.

Apply a spoonful to your bathe or footbath to dissipate fatigue and relieve tiredness. Spray drop of it on your hot towel and apply on your face to dispel hangovers. Spray a few drops on your hankerchief and apply on body to relieve the summer heat. Spray into rooms and cars as a refreshing agent. Mix with fabric softener to add a fresh scent to clothes and bed spread.

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