Various Artists - All Them Chicks At The Hop! Volume 1: All Female Late 50s & Early 60s Rockin' Teen Anthems! [LP]




A1 The Sherrys - At The Hop
A2 Susan Summers - Mommy And Daddy Were Twistin'
A3 Sherrel Townsend - Summer Days 
A4 Penny Candy - Come On Over
A5 Jackie Forest - Breakin' Your Heart For Me
A6 Pat Molittieri - The USA
A7 Terry & Peggy - Silly Dilly Willy
A8 Bobbi Martin - I'll Wait Forever

B1 Anita Lang - Lucky Lips
B2 Jery Lynn Frazer - Take It Easy Baby
B3 Jackie Dee - Buddy
B4 Jodie Sands - Give Me A Break
B5 Laurie Davis - Don'cha Shop Around
B6 Amelia - Voodoo Doll
B7 Jamie Horton - Robot Man
B8 Joyce Davis - Superman

All tracks come from the late 50s and very early 60s, including hidden gems from the likes of the Sherrys, Amelia, Terry & Peggy, Bobbi Martin, and more!