Various Artists - All Them Chicks At The Hop! Volume 2: All Female Late 50s & Early 60s Rockin' Teen Anthems! [LP]




A1 Kari Lynn - Yo Yo
A2 Marie Le Donna - Bobby Baby 
A3 Micki Marlo - Little By Little
A4 Robin Clark - For Your Sake
A5 Barbara Evans - Souvenirs 
A6 Gerri Granger - Don't Want Your Letters
A7 Shiela Outhern - Throwin' Kisses
A8 Sue Thompson - Language Of Love

B1 So Let's Dance - Dodie Stevens
B2 Four Shy Girls - The Girlfriends
B3 The Good Old Days - Barbara Evans
B4 Teri Allen - Goodnight It's Time To Go
B5 Carole King - Short Mort
B6 Carole King - Oh, Neil
B7 Tom Edwards - What Is A Teenage Girl?

All tracks come from the late 50s and very early 60s, including hidden gems from the likes of Carole King, Kari Lynn, The Girlfriends, Dodie Stevens, and more!