Budos Band - Budos Band III [Vinyl LP]



Daptone Records is proud to present The Budos Band III. Produced by Bosco Mann and TNT at Daptone Records' House of Soul Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the band's third full-length studio effort was conceived during weekly, beer-fueled Staten Island writing sessions as well as more than 150 live gigs over the last two years and recorded during a 48 hour period in January of 2010. If the menacing album art, which features a cobra primed for the attack, is any indication of the music itself, you can expect an all out assault of the senses, with a tendency towards the venomous and psychedelic.

The Budos Band The Budos Band III Track Listing

1.  Rite of the Ancients   
2.  Black Venom   
3.  River Serpentine   
4.  Unbroken, Unshaven   
5.  Nature's Wrath   
6.  Golden Dunes   
7.  Budos Dirge   
8.  Raja Haje   
9.  Crimson Skies   
10. Mark of the Unnamed
11. Reppirt Yad