Widest side of brush:
7 cm

Bristle Height:
2 cm

Bristle Material:


To ensure a healthy life for your beard you need two things; a beard oil and a good quality brush that is specifically made for your facial hair. Our synthetic bristled Beard Brush is designed with your health in mind. When used daily this tool will help bring moisture back to your beard, rid it of nasty tangles and tame. Your beard will feel better, look better and in turn you will look and feel better.

Our Beard Brush has been designed with bristles of varying length in order to distribute oils evenly throughout your hair. It’s curved shape conforms to your face and chin providing one of the best brushing experiences around. The synthetic bristles are sturdy but also provide a comfortable experience without the harsh feel of boar brushes. When combined with a great hydrating and healing beard oil this brush will help fight beard itch, beardruff and dry skin by exfoliating the skin underneath and bringing much needed moisture back. 

When growing out your beard the hair literally takes sebum oil from your sebaceous glands causing dry skin and itch. A good beard oil and brush fights this allowing the skin feel normal again.


- Designed to fight dry skin, hair tangles and beardruff
- Volumizes and stimulates the beard
- Give your facial hair a healthy clean look
- Easy to use, hold and clean
- Comes with a custom cotton canvas drawstring bag for travel




Brush daily after application of beard oil 
Try not to use more than twice a day otherwise it can overwork the hair’s follicles and weaken the hair
Always use after a beard oil has been applied
Clean beard brush once a week
Store brush is dry and clean place, humid areas may cause wood to disintegrate
Dry with bristles facing down to ensure long life and sanitary conditions