Graf Orlock - Trailer [7'']




A1 Trailer: Nursing A Hangover  2:37  
B1 A Decent Proposal In A Shitty Alley  4:13 

Graf Orlock gotta hold on to their angst. They preserve it because they need it. It keeps them sharp, on the edge, where they gotta be.

2 years ago, the cinematically-inspired grind trio is coming back in a big, big way: they released a 7″ called Trailer, which ostensibly serves as an extended preview for their next full length (hence the title), Crime Traveller, which is already out too. Trailer “has two long songs on it as well as the titular track ‘Trailer’ by the fabulous actor Kevin Gage,” who, incidentally, played the role of “Waingro” in Heat.

And you won’t be disappointed: this song will impale you through the head like you were Jenette Goldstein in Terminator 2.