Layrite - No. 9 Bay Rum Aftershave, 4 oz


Smell Like:


118 ml / 4oz

Reduces irritation that might occur after a close shave.
Remember that unforgettable scene from Home Alone when Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) applied his first aftershave? Well, truth be told, that temporary stinging pain is what makes boys feel like men and feel so good about themselves.
Layrite No. 9 is made with Original Bay Rum Oils from the Virgin Island, and when applied, you immediately get this jolt, then a tingle, and finally, a good sensation all round the facial skin, leaving you with an after shave glow! Take our word for it, we have a few bottles lying in the office just to splash around to keep us going when fatigue sets in!


Cleansing and refreshing skin 
Stimulating, toning, and tightening pores 
Softening skin 
Calming and preventing razor burn
Sprinkle a few drops of No. 9 to step up your hot towel treatments before a shave to invigorate and open up pores.
Apply to face, neck, shoulders and arms anytime after washing to get that fresh from the barber shop smell anytime.
SD Alcohol 40, Water, Sucrose Octacetate, Bay Oil, FD&C Yellow No.5