Parker - 55SL-GR Safety Razor, 3 piece, Semi-Slant, Graphite Finish Handle



Double Edge Razor

Model : 55SL-GR

The Parker “Semi-Slant” double edge safety razor has the advantages of a slant bar razor (more cutting surface on each whisker due to the blade angle) without the aggressiveness and dramatic blade exposure associated with other slant razors. This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave.

Parker’s Semi-Slant safety razors are milder than the typical slant, combining the best of a slant razor and a conventional safety razor. Since the blade angle is torqued, this razor cuts the hair at an angle instead of straight on, resulting in a very efficient shave. The Semi-Slants are great for those with thicker, more coarse hair, as well as for wet shavers with sensitive skin. We recommended using very little pressure when shaving with our Semi-Slant for excellent results.

Press Mentions include Men’s Journal, Sharpologist, Male Standard – “a kinder, gentler slant bar razor” “great for coarse hair & sensitive skin” “One of the best and most innovative razors for a close and comfortable shave”…

Note: Product does not include blades.

  • Razor Type: Three-Piece Slant Head Safety Razor
  • Weight: 2.9 oz. / 83g
  • Length: 4 in.
  • Material: Solid Brass frame with textured electroplated graphite/satin chrome finish for improved grip
  • Pre-shave, shave, and after-shave; the act of shaving itself is the middle of the whole process where you put on the blade and remove hair with the grain if possible to prevent in-grown hair.