Proraso - Beard Balm, Azur Lime, 100ml


Smell Like:

Beard Balm

100 ML

Made In Italy

Proraso’s Beard Balm is formulated to ease any itch or discomfort associated with new beard growth, and nourish and condition shorter beards. Rich in conditioners that reduce static in the beard and create a protective, moisture-locking barrier that allows the skin to regain tone, elasticity and hydration. The fresh Azur Lime scent weaves invigorating citrus with mint and juniper, moss, woods and patchouli. • 90% of ingredients of natural origin.

  • softens the beard
  • rehydrates skin beneath the beard
  • reduces itching from growing beard
  • refreshing scent
  • Cruelty-free and no ingredients of animal origin
  • No parabens, phthalates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors or SLS
  • Dermatalogically Tested

Apply a small amount on your beard and moustache, carefully massaging until completely absorbed.


The intoxicating freshness of citrus interwoven with hints of energetic Mint and Juniper. Moss, Woods, and Patchouli give richness and finesse. The result is an original and balanced sensory mix.