It’s finally here. Suavecito Oil Based Pomade has been long-requested by those who want a pliable, but long-lasting hold with an old school feel. Three simple ingredients expertly blended together to create a pomade that will help you achieve your perfect look. This Oil Based Pomade provides a healthy shine and a controlled hold on any hair type. Use it on even the most unruly, thick hair to achieve your desired style - from a smooth slickback to a perfect pomp. We already know what your next question is, and yes, this has our original Suavecito scent.

  1. Medium hold and shine
  2. Collectible tin
  3. Restylable throughout the day
  4. Suitable for slick look
  • Start with a 10-cent coin amount of product and warm with hands
  • Spread product into hair (wide tooth comb or brush will help spread the product evenly and quickly)
  • Finger-comb or use a comb to style into desired style