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Brickell Men's Products - Beard Oil, 30ml (Expiry - Apr 2023)

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Beard Oil

30ml / 1oz

IThis natural & organic beard oil brings out the best in your beard with conditioning oils that soften the beard and give it shine, while also moisturizing the skin under the beard to prevent itchiness and flakes. A refreshing blend of essential oils leave your face and beard smelling amazing.

*Please note that Brickell Men's Products have relatively shorter expiry dates compared to other brands as the products are made of natural ingredients without paraben. 
  • Algae Extract & Vitamin E hydrate and condition your beard.
  • Argan Oil softens and gives shines to your beard.
  • Aloe Vera soothes and repairs the skin under your beard, preventing itchiness and flakes.
These ingredients, along with other powerful, natural ingredients have been scientifically formulated together to create the best beard oil on the market.
  • Softens and conditions the beard, allowing it to reach its full potential.
  • 100% natural, 63% organic
  • Soothes and hydrates itchy, flaky skin underneath your beard.
  • Lightweight formula - won't leave a greasy or weighed down feeling.
  • Scented with a refreshing essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, & lavender
  • Pour 2 - 3 small drops into your hand.
  • Rub hands together and massage into your beard, making contact with the skin underneath.
  • Apply 1 - 2 times a day as needed to refresh your beard
INGREDIENTS: Organic Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Aloe, Castor Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin E, Algae Extract, Glycerin, Organic Rosemary Extract, Green Tea.